When: Fri 24/03 + Sat 25/03/2023

Where: Sint-Annazaal, Aalst

Roklijf 4

9300 AALST

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Friday: Doors 18:00

Start: 18:30

Saturday: Doors 13:00

Start: 13:30

Public Transport

Train: Aalst Station lies on train line Oostende/Gent/Brussel/Leuven/Hasselt

Bus: Take bus "Lijn 4" (Nieuwerkerken - Hof Zomergem). There is a stop as close as 100m from the venue.


We would like to refer Oilsjt Omploft visitors to Ibis Hotel Aalst. When you sign in through to the "ALL" program, you can get a discount on the public tarives.

If you stay at Ibis, you can use the shuttlebus from/to the hotel, which is on request and free donation.


Hungry punks, thrashers & hardcore kids can try our very own Oilsjt Omploft catering, with both meat and vegan food, all at very democratic prices.


As last year, there will be a tent outside for bandmerch and a few distros (Lost Culture Records, Vepar Apparel,...)


Next to the general Oilsjt Omploft merch and the leftover 2022 shirt, we also present you a special 2023 edition shirt and a very limited edition Oilsjt Omploft 2023 skateboard!tshirts


At general request, we introduced the option of buying tokens and paying your tickets at the door with electronic payment (Bankcontact). For tokens, a minimum amount of €10 is in place.


Check out the 14 Oilsjt Omploft bands and more band from upcoming Rock 'n Load Concerts and vzw Hambiance shows in the playlist below!


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Doors 18:00
PRIMAL CREATION18:30 - 19:00
MASON19:25 - 19:55
SCHIZOPHRENIA20:20 - 21:00
WARBRINGER21:25 - 22:25
EVIL INVADERS22:50 - 23:50



Thrash Metal (us)

Their latest album "Weapons Of Tomorrow" is considered their "magnum opus" by many followers. The music doesn't only refer to the glorious sound of their thrash heroes from the past; it has its own merits. Two accolades that few of the new generations thrash bands can produce actually. No wonder, that the likes of Heathen, Destruction and Exodus already took them on the road for a tour. Even Max Cavalera himself is regularly spotted with a Warbringer shirt. They were already on our radar and for us it's one we can cross of our list.


Evil Invaders

Speed / Thrash Metal (be)

Last year, we added a (flush the virus down the toilet) big pre-party before the actual Oilsjt Omploft festival day. It left us wanting more, especially after seeing all those crazy reactions from you, our audience. Hundreds had the time of their life with Cyclone. So, hence the two day festival we present this year. But who were to follow in the footstep of Cyclone? Well, Evil Invaders for their third appearance at our festival. And this time as headliners! It makes total sense, if you saw them destroying the main stages at Graspop en Alcatraz. They already were our best speed metal band. But with songs like the brand new "Die For Me", they are writing instant neo classics, that everyone can sing along to on friday evening.


Death / Thrash Metal (be)

We just like the death/thrash of Schizophrenia. We noticed them even far back as their first demo tape. In February of this year, they lived up to the expectations with their debut album "Recollections Of The Insane". This kind of raw music with an added value of craftsmanship just sits well on Oilsjt Omploft. The sounds our Loved by punks, thrashers and death metal fans in equal measure.


Thrash Metal (aus)

If the land of great rock 'n roll offers you a thrash metal band, NO is not an option! Yes indeed, for the first time ever, a band from down under will perform at our little festival, as part of the Evil Invaders / Warbringer tour. Being a fast paced thrash metal band sure helps to blend in on tour Friday line-up. Support spots for Annihilator, Jinjer, Obscura have been their part and a third full length is coming up in 2023. Another Oilsjt Omploft discovery in the making?!

Primal Creation

Death / Thrash Metal (be)

There are many kinds of thrash metal music in metal space, but they all have one thing in common; it has to move quickly and with the unmistakable "good friendly violent fun" attitude. Primal Creation from our own East Flanders regions perfectly fits the glove. Production wise, it sounds like today, but their harts beat like the true originators of the genre. That kind of bands will always be welcome at our festival. It's really that simple.


Doors 13:00
SERIAL PISSERS13:30 - 14:00
HAEMERS14:25 - 14:55
TOXIC SHOCK15:20 - 16:00
BONDED16:25 - 17:10
FUCKED UP MINDS17:35 - 18:20
SKITSYSTEM18:45 - 19:35
CARNATION20:05 - 20:55
SUICIDAL ANGELS21:25 - 22:35
DISCHARGE23:00 - 00:00


D-Beat / Punk (uk)

The esteem for Discharge is still growing the last couple of years (as if it was still necessary). The shows are razor sharp en energetic, as they should be for these hardcore punk originators. The eye of the general public is even turning towards them. For those who still are in limbo about these guys, do your homework folks. Check your favorite hardcore or metalband and very likely, you will find Discharge as one of their key influences. This will be the case for punkbands, thrashbands en even death en black metal outfits. Even the upper echelons covered their tunes (like a Metallica or a Slayer). Tezz, Bones and Rainy are still in the band from 1977 'till now, with the addition of JJ and Proper from Broken Bones. Whom you can also find on our wish list by the way, feel free to tell them.

Suicidal Angels

Thrash Metal (gr)

These thrashers from Greece know how to deliver. Apart from carrying the same kind of energy as their predecessors, they also have the technical chops to carry this on stage. (think Slayer, Kreator and Exodus). All of this appeals to the younger crowds as well as they old skool thrashers and rightfully so. It's not that common actually or you have to think about a Warbringer for example, on day 1 of Oilsjt Omploft. The lyrics, the albums covers, the numbers add up for these guys. Just the audience is necessary to bring on a real undiluted mosh pit.


Death Metal (be)

Postponed does not mean cancelled, so Carnation will finally perform on Oilsjt Omploft as they should be. Not only are they Belgian’s death metal darlings, their fame reaches the bangers worldwide. Have a quick listen to their latest single "Stench Of Death". On the b-side, one can find a cover of Entombed's "Supposed To Rot" en that might be a perfect indicator. We already had Entombed at our festival, because of their raw and crusty sound that is loved by so many thrashers and punks. Carnation has to follow in their footsteps now.


Crust / Punk (swe)

That almost all key players in the Swedish death metal scene have a past in the (crust)punk scene is kind of public knowledge. That a few of them actually can actually build a band like that and win over the true punk audience is an entirely other matter. En here they are, the one and only Skitsystem on our festival stage. And on the same day as their all time heroes Discharge, by all means. That doesn't happen a lot and can maybe explain their quick positive answer to our demand for their appearance at this year's edition of Oilsjt Omploft.


Thrash Metal (ger)

This foursome already stirred up things in their home country Germany quite considerably. Not surprisingly, if you count the (-ex) members of Assassin, Kreator, Sodom and Suicidal Angels in their ranks. One of them even set foot on our stage in the past with another band. Who knows their OO history? And the gentlemen didn't waste a lot of time; they produced not 1 but 2 great thrash albums during the pandemic months. So, we can safely conclude, that is no mere project, but a genuine band.

Fucked Up Minds

Punk (Brussels)

Stepping up to replace Varukers, this is a new generation playing aggressive and pounding hardcore punk from BxHell. Their first demo released in 2021 got no new shit but the right heart: brutal vocals, fast drums, short bass breaks and a strong melodic primitive old school guitar! This shit will start a pit at every skatepark, every basement diy show, every last minute Oilsjt Omploft show.

Toxic Shock

Hardcore / Thrash (be)

We like to write these small bio's for the bands on our line-up. But what on earth are we going to tell you about this lot. Well, imagine yourself in a dodgem at Graspop, with DRI, Anthrax and Municipal Waste playing in the background. After a few head on collisions, you might hear something that sounds like Toxic Shock. And you'll definitely board your vehicle for the next ride. These guys from Antwerp have a long history with Rock'n Load Concerts and deservedly so, cause they like to throw a real crossover party.


Hardcore / Punk (be)

Hardcore is often more than just Music en comes with a certain attitude and a big hart. Like this band from the Ghent area, who we love to have on our bill. You'll never catch them throwing a routine gig on stage, just because of the aforementioned state of mind. We expect them fully to execute their conviction in style on our stage. Come on, your part surely has to be the creation of a real mosh pit folks.

Serial Pissers

Crust / Punk (be)

You love a slice of 100% real and undiluted punk, you will get it. This band was created at one of the many rehearsal sessions of Silence Means Death. That band must surely ring a bell with our festival goers. Even more so, you'll be able to recognize a few specimens on stage. From our part, we can't imagine an Oilsjt Omploft festival without this kind of band, which breathes and lives punk, on and off the stage.


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Lee Elektro
AE Wim Van Hoey
Madam Jeanne
Mind The Light
Taverne L'Escale